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Professional Postural Analysis In Mosman: Mosman Chiropractic

Professional Postural Analysis In Mosman: Mosman Chiropractic

postural analysis in mosman


Postural analysis is the very process by which experts “break up the body” in order to determine how it should “be – properly- placed”.

The word posture comes from the Latin word “ponere” which translates to the phrase “to place”. The word analysis originated from the Greek word “analyein” which means “to break up”.

Postural analysis screens for structural imbalances in the body. It allows you to have the best posture imaginable. Needless to say, being able to maintain the proper posture is crucial in maintaining good health as it –

• Optimizes Your Neuromuscular Activity.

• Allows For Better Joint Motion

• Corrects Postural Distortion

• Minimizes Injuries

Professional Postural Analysis In Mosman: Mosman Chiropractic

Specializing in spinal healthcare, Mosman Chiropractic provides professional postural analysis in Mosman. Mosman Chiropractic has long since provided the entire lower North Shore area with high quality postural analysis and chiropractic treatment.

Schedule your fist appointment with us today and receive a full spinal and postural examination, a computerized postural analysis, bulk billed x-rays, and a detailed report of all relevant findings. Contact us today and get this $280 worth of chiropractic consultation for only $65.


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